Current Trainees


Dillon_bloomfield_croppedDillon Bloomfield
“After completing work experience at Watson Burton I decided this was the firm where I wanted to begin my career. The staff are all friendly and helpful and having the work experience gave me a good insight into how the firm works.

“I’m excited to learn from the knowledgeable Watson Burton team, working with different clients and gain valuable hands on experience.

“What has impressed me most is the way the firm has really considered its approach to the training programme and developed a schedule that gives us the right opportunity to work across the different sectors and contribute to the work that is produced.  It’s a great environment to be part of.”



Megan Irons
“Watson Burton are very supportive throughout the recruitment process and I’ve seen at first hand that if the firm sees potential in you, they will work with you to develop it.

“In my case, after graduating I undertook Watson Burton’s Vacation Scheme, which was the start of my relationship with the firm. I was then offered a graduate training contract at Watson Burton, but before starting that, I worked as a paralegal in the firm, working mainly in the corporate team. This gave me the opportunity to get to know the staff, the company culture and gain more of an understanding of the kind of work Watson Burton undertakes.

“I then commenced my graduate training contract at Watson Burton. I’m learning about so many different aspects of law and there is a real sense of community here – everyone supports each other.”



Bronagh_croppedBronagh Irvine
“I fell in love with Newcastle when I moved from Derry, Northern Ireland, in 2012 to study law at Newcastle University so I decided to stay here to complete my LPC at Northumbria University. Throughout this year I was in contact with Watson Burton which sparked my interest in the training programme.

“As soon as I began to move through the application process I knew that Watson Burton was where I wanted to train as the graduate recruitment team were always so enthusiastic and it was encouraging to see Patrick Harwood, CEO and Chris Graham, Partner, are in the process, even in the early stages.

“Over the next two years I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge and developing my skills. These years will be crucial to where my career takes me as I gain experience and become a well-rounded solicitor.”



kieranKieran Kelly
“I initially undertook Watson Burton’s spring vacation programme in April 2016 – it provided an excellent opportunity to discuss the firm’s ethos with other trainees and develop my experience of practise in a commercial legal setting.  When I applied for the graduate programme I was attracted to the level of responsibility you are given as a trainee: you are involved from the outset.  Contributing to the progression of a case from its inception to conclusion is particularly rewarding.

“Law has always been my passion and my commitment to practise within a commercial environment has been realised here. Watson Burton’s strong commercial awareness, alongside its engagement with a number of exciting industries, is particularly impressive.”




Luke Meredith
“After graduating in 2016, I completed Watson Burton’s vacation scheme and was then offered a paralegal role with the firm. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working in both the construction team and more recently the real estate team. The firm is a place where I’m able to develop as a trainee solicitor in a supportive environment.

“Being part of the training programme is a fantastic opportunity to learn from an experienced team of professionals and is the starting block for me to find an area of law to qualify into and become a well-respected and knowledgeable lawyer.”





Amy Mullen
“A number of reasons led me to apply to the Watson Burton training programme but a main pull was the firm’s reputation. Added to this was knowing that I would be involved in high quality work for fantastic clients, working alongside a strong team of professionals.

“Having previously worked as a paralegal for two years at an international construction company, I’m excited to see how I progress over my time as a trainee here. I hope to become more confident by gaining exposure to a range of practice areas and different types of work that I’ve not experience before.”





Leah Pattison
“I was first presented with an opportunity to gain work experience with Watson Burton in September 2015 after winning an award at Northumbria University. I was immediately made to feel very welcome and I was able to hear from the trainees the type of work they were involved in. I was interested in training at Watson Burton and subsequently secured a vacation scheme and training contract.

“Throughout the recruitment process, I was really impressed that the firm regularly kept in contact and invited me to a variety of events, providing an opportunity to meet people in the firm and, in particular, the trainees who I would be starting with.

“I am given a lot of responsibility and opportunities for client contact as well as a good level of supervision and support. It is really rewarding to feel you are contributing constructively to a client’s file. I am thoroughly enjoying the training contract!”



Olivia Potter
“My first introduction to Watson Burton was at a Northumbria University careers event where they came across as a friendly and approachable firm. This led me to learn more about the company and confirmed to me that its training programme would give me the experience I required.

“I am particularly looking forward to having the opportunity to gain hands on experience working across practice areas including commercial litigation and professional indemnity insurance.

“The Watson Burton team has been fantastic throughout the whole process, right from the first meeting they have been friendly and supportive. I am encouraged to ask questions and this is facilitated with the open plan office and open door policy that all the partners have. I already feel I’m learning a lot from the team.”



Sophie_Robertson_croppedSophie Robertson
“I am local to the Newcastle area and applied to Watson Burton’s vacation scheme programme as a result of the firm’s excellent reputation for high-quality work and friendly atmosphere. During my week with the firm, I was involved in various departments and really got a feel for the atmosphere. Everyone was incredibly helpful and approachable.

“I progressed through the assessment stages for the training contract and found the experiences to be challenging but not intimidating; the firm was keen to see true personalities and fostered an environment in which to do so.

“The team put a lot of time and effort into developing trainees commercially and professionally. I have undertaken a wealth of extremely interesting and valuable work, and am trusted with a high level of responsibility. The work the team is engaged in is varied in complexity and type, making it ideal for trainees of all levels.”



Rosie Roof
“What first struck me about Watson Burton was the importance the firm places on its graduate training programme. I first met the team at a university law fair and the fact that partners from the firm were attending and meeting the undergraduates made a huge impression. It showed that they are committed to providing a launchpad for the next generation of legal professionals.

“I started my training contract after undertaking an LPC at Northumbria University and I am really enjoying the opportunity I’ve been given here.

“At Watson Burton you work alongside real experts in their fields, from corporate to construction, employment to commercial litigation. You also get the chance to attend networking events, meet the firm’s clients and gain experience across the whole business.  Plus, the team will help you to settle in quickly, which is a great help when you’re starting your career.”



Matthew Watson
“Watson Burton has a fantastic reputation regionally and nationally, so after graduating with an MLaw from Northumbria University, I decided to undertake the firm’s spring Vacation Scheme. I was then offered a training contract and from day one of starting on the graduate programme, it’s been highly enjoyable.

“You are given a great deal of responsibility right from the start, and with supervision, you can get involved on a case and feel like you are actively contributing to the client work.

“At Watson Burton, there’s a genuine desire to help you develop and learn. Your opinion and feedback is valued too and it’s definitely a two-way relationship. In addition, there is a relatively small graduate intake, which means that you’ll receive much more one-to-one mentoring than in some other law firms. That really makes a difference.”