What does the perfect Watson Burton candidate look like?

Our perfect candidate takes many different forms, however, they will always be enthusiastic, adaptable and positive in nature.

What makes Watson Burton different?

Due to the size of our firm each trainee is a fundamental part of the team from day one and the work that they will be asked to do reflects this. Each national group knows the others well and can rely and depend upon them: a very supportive environment.

Are there any international opportunities?

We are a national firm and as such many of our clients deal in Europe and beyond.


Training Contract/Vacation Scheme

When can I apply for a Vacation Scheme/Training Contract?

Please check our Apply page for the application deadline as this may vary from year to year.

Would you recommend that I apply for a Vacation Placement if I am interested in a Training Contract with the Firm?

It is essential that you apply for both our vacation scheme and training contract.

At what stage in my education / career can I apply for the Vacation Scheme/Training Contract?

For first year students we would advise applying for work experience. Please click here for details of how to apply.

As we recruit up to two years in advance we would be happy to receive applications from anyone in the second year or later of a law degree or the third year or later of a non-law degree. Please click here for more details.

Where are your Training Contracts located?

Our trainees are primarily located within our Newcastle office.

NQ opportunities; how many have there been in recent years?

Over the last two years we have had NQ opportunities for over 87.5 percent of our trainees.

I am interested in a particular area of law. Am I able to choose which seats I gain experience in?

We make every effort to accommodate a trainee’s preference, whilst ensuring that we comply with the SRA’s requirements to ensure a mix of both contentious and non-contentious legal work. In particular we aim to offer flexibility within a trainee’s fourth seat in order to accommodate any future career preference, combined with opportunities within the Firm.

Do you provide any guidance on what electives I should take during my LPC?

The choice of electives is a personal choice. However it may be beneficial to consider electives which are aligned to our practice areas.

Work Experience

Are there any work experience opportunities with Watson Burton?

Yes. For those who are not yet ready or indeed eligible to apply Watson Burton runs work experience opportunities from June to August each year. Please click here to learn more about how to apply.


If you have any further questions do not hesitate to ask us here.